YOU can make a difference

Every dollar holds the power to transform a life, and at Makani Association, we believe in the profound impact of giving. It’s not just about contributing; it’s about sharing love and creating meaningful change. You have the freedom to direct your donation towards vocational training, education, or women’s support, aligning your generosity with your passion. For personalized assistance or inquiries about your donations, feel free to reach us at +961 81 772 663. Additionally, we warmly welcome calls for any other forms of donation, whether it’s clothing, medication, or food. Your support, in any form, makes a difference. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and positive change in our community.

Via Bank Transfer


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Bank of Beirut

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LBB3400 750000000 1140Z 551986000


Women’s Empowerment

"Empower women to transform communities – support Makani's Women's Empowerment Program for a more resilient and equitable future."
Support Women’s Empowerment


"Supporting Makani's education program is an investment in shaping brighter futures and empowering communities through knowledge and opportunity."
Support Education

Psychological and social support

"Supporting the PSS program at Makani brings healing and resilience to those in need, fostering mental well-being for a brighter future."
Psychological and social support